PitchingClub 2019-09-05-thu

It’s back from the beach to work on our new ventures, and where better to hone your pitch to a fine edge than the Pitching Club. So that you can grow your dream venture and get to….erm…the beach!

!!! NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE: In conjunction with Coffee.io and Moneypenny Workhub, we will be doing the event at the Moneypenny work hub.

When: 2019-09-05 18:00-19:30
Where: Moneypenny Work Hub, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU
How Much: Free (as in beer)
RSVP/Register: Eventbrite
Prep: One or more 2 sentence elevator pitches, then a 4 minute presentation
Bring: Your presentation on .ppt or .pdf on a USB stick
Spectators: Please come to spectate if you like, but investors are not invited, as we want people to feel free to make mistakes and learn from them!
MoreInfo: http://www.s2x.club/home/helpwith/helpwith_pitchingclub/
Tips on elevator pitches: Get comfortable with starting to talk about your venture. Useful when validating, networking, getting team members and investment
Tips on 5 minute presentation: Some basic tips and how to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes!

2 thoughts on “PitchingClub 2019-09-05-thu”

    1. Hi Julian, thanks for the comment. Sorry that you can not make this thu 5th Sept. We are thinking of doing this every fortnight on Thu early evening. Any comment on that, are Thu 18:00’s always bad for you?

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