We are gathering relevant tips and tools to help you on your journey from Startup to Exit. If you have some useful experience or ideas, please drop us a line…meanwhile here’s some things to help.

We will be publishing know-how on specific issues of the S2X journey, why not comment if we do not show what would help you?
1) What kind of business you are or would be (e.g. “we want to be the next GMail, but with better privacy”)
2) What the problem is (e.g. “people say that there is no demand for such a service”)
3) Why this problem is bad for us (e.g.”no one will invest £10M into our company”)

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Donate: if you have some experience, or useful know-how, please contact me, and we can add your input (attributed or not!)

…meanwhile here’s some things to help, based on interviews and casual conversations.

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