It’s free, and designed to help teams get really good with their pitching, in a friendly environment.
No investors allowed, just friendly people who will help you getting your pitch and pitching really good.
You will also learn a bit about the investor mind-set.

Next pitching clubs:

2019-10-08-Tue 18:00 near Old Street Roundabout

You will pitch:
·                1-3 elevator pitches
·                1x 5 minute pitch

You will get:
·                3 questions from an investor mindset, which you can answer
·                Many more questions for you to think about
·                a video of you making a pitch, which will be only yours, so you can delete it without a trace if you like!

How: send a reply like this

subj: attending Pitching club 2019-07-04-thu 18:00
Hi Rob,
I am
Fred Smith of Smithsoft and I would like to pitch, my mobile is 07xxx-xxx-xxx (to help you me into the building, not for anything else!), and I am looking forward to seeing you
I understand that I must bring a .ppt or .pdf file of my pitch on a USB stick (or enclosed) and that no other formats are accepted
Fred Smith